ACT’s Festival of Trees


Photo Credit: Mason Hammond

Mason Hammond, Writer

Each year the Academy of Careers and technology (ACT) hosts their annual Festival of Trees. The Festival of Trees is a highlight of the school year for many students. Each class spends at least a week designing and creating a tree based on the trade represented. For example, the firefighting class may have a tree made of firehoses, and the electrical tree could be made from copper wire. The festival of trees is a fantastic opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired during their time at ACT. Every year the culinary class makes hot chocolate and sweets such as cookies or brownies for visitors to enjoy while they observe the unique creations of the students. This year, over 30 trees and structures were built and put on display. Some classes even decorated their entire workshop. This was the 23rd annual festival, which has had the best turnout in the past four years. Charles Pack, Director of Career & Technical Education for Raleigh County Schools, said, “The festival of trees is a great way to get people to see what the students of ACT are capable of doing and what they are learning through the programs we have here.” Everyone, even those who did not attend, got the opportunity to vote for their favorite tree in each of the three categories traditional, non-traditional, and best overall. 1st place traditional went to Medical Assisting, non-traditional to Welding, and favorite overall to Plumbing. There was also a Facebook voting category, and social media favorites were the Collision and the Cosmetology programs. Congratulations to ACT for bringing awareness to career-readiness and technical education by hosting this fun and festive event!