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An Authors Before and After

An Authors Before and After

Joslynn Ginier and Jacob Sloane January 27, 2023

Have you ever cleaned your room or cleaned out your closet and found something you wrote or drew an exceptionally long time ago? Then you go down a rabbit hole of nothing but memories from elementary school....

(Courtesy of WWHS Theatre Performance on Facebook)

Under The Lights and Under The Sea

Landon Skeens, Junior Editor/Writer January 26, 2023

For many years, Woodrow Wilson High School's theatre production group has brought the school a great amount of prestige. Under the direction of Mrs. Stack and Mrs. Shrader, this year the group will present...

Woe There: Wednesday Gets Reinvented

Woe There: Wednesday Gets Reinvented

Carly Kasee, Writer/ Reviewer January 26, 2023

By now everyone has probably heard about the newest Netflix show “Wednesday'' created by Tim Burton. Known for his jaw dropping movies/shows, creative sets, and imaginative characters, Tim Burton has...

Post Card of Lake Tygart, Grafton, West Virginia

West Virginia’s Creepy Cryptids: The Grafton Monster

Serenity Williams and Caysen Arrigoni, Writers October 27, 2022

Have you ever seen a gigantic, scary, 7-feet-tall, broad-shouldered blob, with a humpback and weird smile in West Virginia? Odds are you have not. What if we were to tell you that there is such a monster...

Photo Credit: West Virginia & Regional History Center, WVU Libraries

The Tale of Screaming Jenny

McKenzie Bragg, Writer October 26, 2022

Have you heard the terrifying screams of Screaming Jenny? Or have you seen a human-shaped ball of fire lurking on the B&O train tracks? This tragic tale began on a chilly Autumn evening...

Do You Remember the 2010s?

Do You Remember the 2010s?

Daniella "D.J." Fragile, Social Media Manager/Features Editor October 20, 2022

Do you remember the early 2010s? The decade was filled with different trends, and movies; while also being tokened as the years of Vine and so much more!  

A statue stands in Point Pleasant as a reminder of the ominous Mothman legend. There is even a town festival celebrating the creature.

West Virginia’s Creepy Cryptid: Mothman

Allee Adkins, Writer May 4, 2022

On the night of November 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant–Roger and Linda Scarberry, and Steve and Mary Mallette– told police they saw a large gray creature, whose eyes seemed to “glow...

Myths Maybe

Myths Maybe

Daniella Fragile and Aden Scarbro January 31, 2022

  In this original The Eagle Dispatch podcast, Myths Maybe, Daniella Fragile and Aden Scarbro explore the West Virginia legend of John Henry...  

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