Disney’s Development


Source: Disneyland Studios

Disneyland Castle, Orlando Florida

McKenzie Bragg, Writer

We all remember sitting down at the t.v. on a chill Saturday morning, eating our favorite snacks while watching That’s So Raven or Hannah Montana. These Disney shows were a part of a lot of our childhoods, especially for 2000’s kids. Children who born in 2017-2022, however, will never get to experience the excitement of waking up and hearing the theme song to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Most teens and kids prefer the “old” Disney, like the 2000-2016 era. Classic Disney was filled with warmth and charm, and it has that sense of nostalgia that really takes you back each time you watch a Disney Classic movie or show. The Post-Renaissance era of Disney is 2000-2009, which has all of the iconic tv shows like Sister Sister, Phil Of The Future, and Lizzie McGuire. These tv shows were popular among teens and young adults, which made the age range branch out and Disney became more suitable for different ages.

For the movies, a lot of people root for Classics over Modern. Classic Disney had adapted fairy tales with animated features and a charm that you can’t find anywhere else. Modern Disney has a more broad view of different cultures, for example, Encanto is a Disney movie that came out in 2021, its plot is rather interesting and touches on different aspects of the multigenerational Colombian family. Classic Disney appealed to more older people rather than young people, because adults like to relive their childhood and watch a movie from their past, which is more of Disney movies like CinderellaBeauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, and so much more. People also argue that Classic Disney was a lot simpler, straight to the point and not confusing, with more light-hearted plots.

Another thing that has changed is the quality of the films, back before 1937, Disney films were not in color, and the quality was not as sharp as it is today. After 1937, films started to have beautiful colors and more advanced animations. The concept of love interests has changed as well, in Classic Movies like Sleeping Beauty, where the main character had a love interest and she depended on him throughout the movie, but now, Disney characters have become more independent, such as Merida in Brave or Moana in Moana.

Over the years, Disney has changed its concepts and how their movies and shows are made. From the style, to the royal legacies,  much has been added to the franchise since 1983. The theme of Disney, especially, has changed; older Disney had more child-like lessons, newer has ones more relevant to rather now. Modern day Disney themes are way more mature and touch on social issues like inequality and injustice. Many things may have changed in different Disney eras, but one thing that hasn’t is the wonderful creation that Disney is, the magic it presents, and how it brings together so many families and friends and likely will for many more years to come.