So, We Met in High School…


Maria Rife.

Mrs. Dawson and her husband, pictured above. They met in high school and have stayed together for 50 years.

Landon Skeens, Writer

While high school relationships can certainly last, it is more likely that they will come to an end by the couple’s graduation year or shortly afterward. Despite the likelihood of breaking up, some students can still manage a healthy and hopeful high school relationship beyond graduation. One of these students is Kai Lawrence. Kai has been with her significant other for two years, and the two believe that their love can last the challenges of what their lives might bring. “I believe our relationship can last, whether it is through college or whatever crazy moments life brings,” Lawrence shared. 

Kai Lawrence and her significant other, pictured above.

However, not all students are as confident as Kai. While every student wants their relationship to last, it can be challenging, especially during the transition from adolescence and adulthood, from high school to college or a career. One student (who requested to stay anonymous) expressed sadness and worry as they were concerned about the future status of their relationship. “I want us to be able to stay together, but I just can’t imagine being together that long,” they said.

So, how does a couple sustain a high school relationship that extends into adulthood?       

Tristian and Kaitlan Price are both former eagles who have dated since their high school days. Kaitlan, a graduate of 2015, shared many stories about how challenging it was. However, she also expressed how much the relationship meant to her and her significant other. “We had broken up twice in high school and had a few fights,” they shared. “However, both love and the dedication to always working on being better partners and better versions of ourselves for each other has let us come back together.” 

Tristian and Kaitlan Price, pictured above.

Another person with experience in this arena is Mrs. Dawson, who shared the story of her fifty-year-long relationship that started in high school. Originally graduates of 1961, Mrs. Dawson and her significant other were together since their sophomore year. Shortly after their graduation, the two were married. Her advice to students who are in a high school relationship is to “wait a while—wait to mature and grow.”