Tennis: A Perfect Match


Daniella Fragile

WWHS Girls Tennis

Daniella "D.J." Fragile, Editor/ Social Media Manager

Whoosh! It’s a familiar sound heard at any Woodrow Wilson High School (WWHS) tennis match. As we get closer to the month of February, we are getting close to the beginning of the tennis season. 

The WWHS Tennis team’s head coach is Bernard Bostick; he is assisted by Charles Williamson, Dererk Farley, and Richard Daniel. WWHS Tennis is open to both boys and girls with minimal skill required.

“Our coaches are really looking forward to starting our season in a couple of weeks” Bostick stated.

Foreign exchange students are encouraged to try out as well, they would just have to pick up and fill out a special physical before tryouts.

The coaches hope for the tennis team to be able to attend states again this season. “I am expecting a big jump to the next level in terms of our participation at the State level,” stated Bostick.

Flex practices begin on February 13th and the official season starts on February 27th. Sign-ups are in the main office; students must receive a packet and supply a physical to play a sport prior to signing up for tennis if they have not already supplied one for another sport this year.