West Virginia’s Creepy Cryptids: The Grafton Monster


Post Card of Lake Tygart, Grafton, West Virginia

Serenity Williams and Caysen Arrigoni, Writers

Have you ever seen a gigantic, scary, 7-feet-tall, broad-shouldered blob, with a humpback and weird smile in West Virginia? Odds are you have not. What if we were to tell you that there is such a monster that was sighted by Robert Cockrell on June 16, 1964, in Grafton, West Virginia? Robert stated that after he got off of work at 11 p.m. He journeyed home down Yates Avenue on the Western side of the Tygart River. He took a sharp turn on the road and allegedly encountered the Grafton Monster, calling it a “huge white obstruction” with white skin and no head. He sped home terrified and called his friends, Jerry Morse and Jim Mouser, to help him investigate the area where he encountered the monster. There was no sign of the creature once they got there, but the grass where it was standing was crushed and a low whistling noise followed them as they looked for the monster. The next day, Cockrell went to work and didn’t say anything about the monster to his co-workers. However, he did hear other people talking about their sightings of the monster. Cockrell got over 20 calls about the Grafton monster from people who had also reported seeing this big critical monster. Robert started to write an article about the monster, listening carefully to others stories. He ended up publishing the article in The Sentinel on June 18, 1964.

So, to the line-up of the Mothman, there might one day be a statue of the Grafton Monster. There is a Grafton Monster Museum located in Marion County on 36 W Main St, Grafton, W.Va. Don’t forget the big blob baby-thing known as the Grafton Monster the next time you go through Grafton, West Virginia. Or there may be a time when you might hear or see the Grafton Monster creeping into town or in the woods, ready to take or destroy whatever crosses its path.