Keynan Richardson-Cook: Georgetown University’s Next Super-Athlete


Daniella Fragile, Podcaster/Features Editor

Keynan Richardson-Cook, a senior at Woodrow Wilson High School, recently signed with Georgetown University.

Cook started playing football when he was five or six years old.

“It was the first year I could play. I just wanted to play as soon as I could,” said Richardson-Cook.

Before playing football Cook played soccer, but once he started playing football he fell ‘in love’ with the game. Cook’s passion for the game continues to grow as he learns more about the game.

“As you get better at the game, and you progress as a player; you always get more love for the game. You see where your potential is and the player can become,” said Richardson-Cook.

About being in a new place alone for the first time, Richardson-Cook commented, “I would say I am a little nervous. It is more me being up there by myself — it’s D. C. I have always lived with my mom.”

Richardson-Cook wore the # 2 jersey for the Flying Eagles and was the Eagles wide receiver.

This football season was sentimental to Richardson-Cook, due to Woodrow going to the state playoffs since 2014.

He is confident to bring his skills as an outside receiver to Georgetown.

“I’m a guy they can throw the ball to and go get it,” he said.

At Georgetown, Richardson-Cook plans to study Human Science and become an Exercise Therapist.