Girls Basketball Team Receive First Sectional Win


Photo credit: Heather Belcher

Kalyn Cowger, Writer

This year, the Woodrow Wilson Girls’ Basketball team has successfully gone from eight straight losses to winning sectionals and moving onto the next round. The most recent sectional game was a huge win for WWHS, with an ending score of 60-30. Their next sectional game will be held in the camp of our arch-rivals, Greenbrier East. This Friday, the girls will travel to East to compete for sectionals in hopes of moving on to regionals, then to compete for the state champion title.

This year has been a rough year between the team getting quarantined and many people quitting during the season, but that did not stop the Lady Eagles. With the season near an end, this team will still have to continue pushing through many obstacles and kicking off other teams one by one. A few Lady Eagles had quite the performance Wednesday night for sectionals including Abby Dillion, who scored a huge 20 points, along with Josie Cross who scored 10 points. Not only did our freshmen score major points, but our seniors also stepped in with Olivia Ziolkowski grabbing 7 points and Adriana Law posting 5 points. Player Sarah Hopkins was unfortunately injured during the game after scoring 5 points and holding down the other team’s offense. In the end, there is no telling how far this team will go until their season is over, but fans are excited to see what the Lady Eagles do next!