Valentine’s Day


Jackson Bailey

Credit to Jackson Bailey

Kalyn Cowger, Writer

An original poem by Kalyn Cowger

The day that is so full of pink

You will see hearts every time you blink

Where everywhere you go you see people falling in love

To the point where you wished you were shoved in a glove

Where every girl is receiving a little kiss

And you wonder if it will ever get better than this

Where everyone is getting shot by cupid

And you just think it is all so stupid

When people are all getting beautiful flowers

But all you can taste in your mouth is sour

With little red cards saying “be mine”

Yet again, it is not your time to shine

When everyone is receiving a sweet little card

And you wonder why love is so dang hard

When everyone is going out on dates

And you just wish you could relate

When everyone is talking about their crush

And you wonder what’s all the rush?

So, I guess what I’m actually trying to say

Is… Happy Singles Awareness Day?