Senior Spotlight – Nicole Asamoah

Landon Skeens, Junior Editor

Nicole Asamoah is saying goodbye to Woodrow Wilson High School and to this chapter of her life completely. After being accepted to over four colleges both in and out of state, Nicole has ultimately chosen to start her newest adventure at Marshall University. With eight A.P credits and four college credits, she is more than ready to join the school’s Nursing and Biochemistry programs. 

Besides being an Honors student, Nicole has many other roles within these school walls. President of both National Honors society and Diverse Student Organization, Secretary of Speech and Debate, Senator of the student council, and a member of the theater performance class are just some of the many shoes that she fills. During her limited free time she enjoys reading, crocheting, playing the saxophone, and watching her beloved shows on Netflix. 

During all four years of her high school career, Nicole has performed under the direction of Mrs. Stack and Mrs. Shrader as a member of the theatre performance class. This year was her biggest role yet, as she portrayed the character Aquatia, one of Ariel’s many sisters. 

Nicole would like to thank all her teachers throughout her schooling, from kindergarten to now. She shares that each one made a contribution to her life that allowed her to become the young lady she is today. “I would like to thank all my teachers for everything they have done for me, especially at Woodrow. I would not be the person I am today without all of their support.” 

While she chooses to not publish the challenges she faced over her high school career over the internet, she does want to share some advice with upcoming seniors. “Make an effort to enjoy every moment, it will be gone before you know it. Get to really know you teachers, and friends. Try new things, become part of different organizations and clubs, assert yourself in classes. Don’t just focus on the future or else you might just miss the present. Your time to walk across that stage will come soon enough.”