Spotlight on Our WWHS Teacher of the Year: Jo Frost


Landon Skeens

Jo Frost accepts her Teacher of the Year award, presented by Raleigh County Superintendent of Schools David Price.

Landon Skeens, Junior Editor

Ms. Jo Frost was recently elected as Woodrow Wilson’s teacher of the year. A kind, loving, and compassionate person, Ms. Frost has taught mathematics and computer science courses at the school off and on for 13 years. Before her teaching career, she ran a non-profit organization, which gave her much experience with numbers. However, this was not enough thus the idea of teaching emerged. Both her parents were “informal” educators, and Ms. Frost needed more ways to support her family. 

Ms. Frost earned her Masters in Teaching at Marshall University. Along with her MAT, she additionally has a Bachelor of History degree from Saint Andrews Presbyterian College. Though teaching has not always been the easiest career, she admits it certainly is an interesting one. “I really do think the best part is just how many new things I experience. Everyday is something different, something unexpected and new,” she shared. In addition to teaching a variety of courses, she also serves as the host of the Earth and Garden Club, and Robotics team. During her free time Ms.Frost enjoys gardening, yoga, and reading. 

Both teachers and administration alike agree that she truly deserves teacher of the year at Woodrow. Mr. Stafford stated, “Miss Jo Frost has placed a stamp upon many of the successes that we celebrate at Woodrow Wilson. For all the help she provides to student organizations and school wide projects, I recommended her for Teacher of The Year.” 

Not just another educator, but a true teacher, Ms. Frost has embraced a career she never expected to have. “Teaching really has changed me, it’s made me more compassionate for others and understand so much more. Who you are today is not who you may be tomorrow.”