The Eagles Landed Hard: The Ups and Downs of Regionals


Daniella "D.J." Fragile, Editor/ Social Media Manager

The tennis season has drawn to a close, and there are many successes to celebrate for our Flying Eagle team!

The girls and boys doubles played Wednesday, May 3rd, and singles on Thursday, May 4th. For girls doubles, all doubles partner won their first-round match.

The first-round wins were:

3rd Doubles D.J. Fragile and Anya Hasan won 8-1 against Riverside

2nd Doubles Presley Jarrell and Dolya Hasan won 8-3 against Oak Hill

1st doubles Izzy Umberger and Abby Dillion won 8-2 against Princeton

The second round was not as successful, as 2nd and 3rd doubles lost to George Washington High School (GW). 1st doubles beat out rival Greenbrier East in the second round with a score of 8-6. However, they lost to George Washington High School.

On the girls’ singles, Presley Jarrell (2nd seed) won her first-round match against St. Albans 8-2 but lost 0-8 against George Washington High School. Abby Dillion (1st seed),  won her 1st match with a forfeit, and heated her 2nd round opponent, Rosiek from Oak Hill, 8-2. She also fell to GW’s Orcutt. Izzy Umberger (3rd seed), won over her 1st round against Princeton 8-0 but lost to GW #4. Dolya  Hasan beat  South Charleston’s Walton, 8-3 in the first round but lost in the second round by East’ #1, 8-1.

Results for boys’ doubles were:

3rd Doubles Cam Johnson and Tyler Radford beat Capitol 8-6 but lost to GW in the second round.

2nd Doubles Ethan Shepard and Isaiah Lawrence defeated Princeton in the second round 8-0 but lost in the second round against GW 3-8.

1st Doubles Ram Asathaimbi and Alberto Simoncello  defeated Oak Hill 8-0 in the first round and defeated Greenbrier East 8-0 in the second round but sadly lost 6-8 in the third round against GW.

For singles, Lawrence (fourth seed) defeated his opponent from St. Albans 8-3 in the first round but was beaten in the second round by GW. Ethan Shepard (third seed), defeated his first-round opponent from Captiol 8-0, in the second round he lost another player from Captiol 3-8. Alberto Simoncello (second seed), defeat a player from Oak Hill in the first round 8-0 in the second round, he defeated his second seed opponent from Greenbrier East 8-1, in the third round he defeated first seed from Greenbrier East 8-1. Simoncello moved on to the semi-finals. Asathaimbi (first seed), defeated his opponent from Riverside 8-0, in the second round he defeated South Charleston first seed 8-0, in the third round he defeated GW’s and moved to semi -finals and lost 6-8.

This year regionals was under a new system, which allowed team play (this is where each win on the either side will be one point for the either boys or girls team as whole). The boys team qualified for states, and first seed double for boys Asathaimbi and Simoncello qualified for Doubles states,  they lost.