The Dos and Don’ts of Prom


Kayla Bayne, Writer

The countdown has begun. Only one week left till prom! Prom can be an exciting and memorable event, but many people hold to some common myths about prom that are likely to take the fun out of the experience. Prom is a time to remember, not regret. This is a time to spend wrapping things up academically and otherwise having fun and rocking out the last couple of weeks. Here’s what you should avoid so you don’t end up regretting what could be one of the best nights of your life!

1. Believing that you must have a date to attend prom, so people just get with random people. It is one thing to slow dance and have a good night, but it is another to create a quick relationship with someone you do not feel any connection to and that could end very awkwardly.

2. Wearing an outfit just because it is a trend and not because you like it. Find an outfit that fits your body the best and one that makes you feel the best you can.

3. Letting your hairdresser do whatever she wants. Give your hairdresser a clear picture or idea or else you may end up looking like a person from the ‘60s at an event that is not themed “decades”.

4. Going with a group of friends that are just dramatic instead of having fun. Some people’s idea of having fun is starting fights with people and just being dramatic the whole night. Resist falling into this trap that is a guaranteed evening-ruiner.

5. Spending the whole night with your significant other. You will have time with your better half later, but for prom night get loose and talk to everyone. This is your last prom and might be the last time you talk to some of the people you’ve bonded with over the last four years or even longer.

These are just some little mistakes that might end up being big ones. You may not think of anything of it, but it is things you should avoid to have the most memorable night. Former student Hannah Brown had two regrets to prom, and it was to have more fun. The other regret was to plan better and have more time getting ready. She also stated “Have the best night you can have and do not care what people think. It is your last or close to your last prom and you should enjoy it to the fullest.” So, find you an outfit you love and friends that are ready to party and attend prom!

WWHS Prom will be held April 29th at Tamarack Conference Center from 7:00-10:00 PM. This year’s theme is Botanical Gardens! Prom tickets are nonrefundable so buy one and plan to go. Never let anyone make you feel like you should not have a genuine fun time. Wear your hair the way you like it and pick your favorite outfit. Always remember other people’s opinion on you does not matter!