Senior Spotlight: Garret Pritt


Landon Skeens, Writer

Garret Pritt is a member of the Woodrow Wilson High School 2023 graduating class. He plans to attend Concord University and pursue the exciting world of medicine as either a nurse, anesthesiologist or a doctor. He was accepted by many other schools, such as Duke University and Washington and Lee University, but chose Concord due to scholarships.  Garret is a member of National Honors society, president of the Debate Club, and part of the Diverse Student Organization. He is graduating with honors and over 30 credit hours. During his free time Garret enjoys cleaning, taking care of the yard and volunteering at the Raleigh County animal shelter. While he is very proud of his various accomplishments through his high school career, he wishes that he would’ve relaxed more instead of always worrying about taking the most advanced classes. “Two thing I would’ve done differently: changed my schedule, and taken way more vacations.”  Overall, he is a very rounded individual who enjoys helping in his community.