Senior Spotlight: Victoria DeJarnette


Landon Skeens, Writer

Victoria DeJarnette is a senior at Woodrow Wilson High School and a proud member of many clubs and organizations. 

A Beckley native DeJarnette likes to travel to new places and discover their untold stories. “There is more than just the cities you read or hear about on television,” she says. In addition, to traveling DeJarnette also enjoys listening to a variety of music, learning new instruments, and watching sports. She is a proud member of HSTA, a representative of the Diverse Student Organization, and a member of the National Honors Society. Recently, DeJarnette is also an Assistant Editor of The Eagle Dispatch. 

On December 9th of last year, DeJarnette was accepted to both Marshall and West Virginia University (WVU). However, after close consideration, she has decided to take part in the pharmacy program at WVU, in which she will receive a doctorate in the six-year program. She explains that the warm sense of community at WVU has appealed to her. “The university provides support and unity to a wide variety of students” DeJarnette stated. 

After completing the long journey to her doctorate, DeJarnette plans to become a traveling pharmacist. Similar to a traveling nurse, she would work with an agency that would direct her to work in an area where a great deal of pharmacists is needed. This profession will not only allow DeJarnette to have a rewarding career but also to see the world as she has always wished.