Jay Jones is Celebrating 100 wins!


Aiden Brown, Writer

Star wrestler for Woodrow Wilson High School’s wrestling team and WWHS senior, Jay Jones, has recently accomplished his 100th wrestling win. 

Jones is looking forward to going to states this year, February 23 through the 26, and eventually making it to finals. He just has to finish his semi-finals to move on.

Jones says there is a possibility he will have to fight wrestlers that he’s fought in the past at the tournament. “I am ranked number 4 in the state and I lost to number 3 by one point.  If I see him in the quarter-finals or semi-finals, I will have to get past him. I wrestled a sloppy match, in my opinion, when I lost to him last time, but I haven’t seen the #1 or #2 seeds.” 

Jones went on to explain why he thought it was a sloppy match, saying, “Usually it’s a sloppy match when I don’t come out of the match breathing hard, because you have to give it your all and you come out exhausted.”  

Jones started wrestling when he was around six years old. 

“My best friend Ethan, was wrestling and his family took me to one of his tournaments and ever since then I’ve been brought into it and now he is my coach.”

He stated that he has learned some lessons over the years of wrestling  “You could be down 10 points and still come out on top so just never give up because wrestling is one of those sports where if you always put your all into it you’ll get great benefits.”

Jones says that he has plans after high school. “I’m down to two choices either football or wrestling for either Concord or Tech but I plan to do something in nursing because my mom is an Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and she has been talking me into it. It’s been really sparking my interest because I like talking and helping people. I’d probably like to be a traveling nurse,” he stated.