Not-Flix: The Woes of Missing Your Favorite Shows


Front page on Netflix Photo Credits: Carly Kasee

Carly Kasee, Writer

Here lately there has been a lot of talk about Netflix issues. The talk is about how “Netflix has been taking all the good shows/movies off here lately.” However, there is a reason why this is happening!

Netflix is a subscription platform that requires you to pay either $9.99 for basic, $15.49 a month for standard or $19.99 a month for premium. Paying these amounts a month allows you access to the thousands of movies/shows whenever and wherever as long as you have access to the internet ad free. But Netflix has a watch to unwatched ratio, and if a show isn’t being watched as much as other shows, Netflix will not pay to renew the contract on the show/movie. “What do you mean by contract?” Netflix does not own the shows/movies they display they rent them through “leasing agreements.” That means every year Netflix looks at these watch ratios, for example, and if the views are down on movie one but really high on movie two or expected to be high, they will replace movie one with movie two. So when you randomly get the urge to watch something and can’t find it, it could be because they didn’t or couldn’t renew the contract. It was possibly bought by Disney +, another streaming service, or simply because there weren’t enough people were watching it.

This does become an inconvenience when you are really looking forward to watching a particular movie or show and then you find out it was taken off. It can ruin your whole night! We’ve all been there and done that. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this besides watch more of the movies/shows you enjoy. Your one “watch” could be the thing that keeps the movie/show you love on Netflix.