Sugar Attack Your Valentine’s Heart


Vanilla bean cakes with vanilla frosting from SugarAttack

Sanjeev Polisetty, Writer

Get cookies delivered to your crush with a special message from you on Valentine’s Day! A local cookie company, Sugar Attack, has partnered with Woodrow Wilson High School to add some sweetness to the month of February.

The WWHS Yearbook Staff will be selling Sugar Attack cookies throughout the month of February. These cookies go for 6 dollars and they each come with a special message personalized by the buyer. Cookies can be purchased outside the cafeteria during your designated 4th period lunch. They are expected to be delivered between Feb. 9th and the 14th. You can choose from four different flavors, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry, Brownie-O, Be-Mine, and Red Velvet. Many WWHS students have shown their excitement for SugarAttack cookies, “I can’t wait to buy my valentine a red velvet cookie!” said Myles Walters, a WWHS freshman. These cookies would make a great addition to whatever gift you are currently getting your valentine. Another member of the class of 2026, Tristan Lockhart, mentioned that “The special message feature will definitely make my valentine feel loved!” Many 9th graders said they thought that the Be-Mine was the best flavor to get for their valentine. Overall, the Sugar Attack cookies have received positive feedback from the students of WWHS and many are definitely looking forward to purchasing these cookies again.