Thanksgiving Around the World


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Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey with all the Sides

Aiden Brown, Writer

It is almost that time again — Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has been a staple in American homes for 401 years. It is the time where loved ones come together to give thanks for what they have and, generally, to eat a big feast. It does not matter what you prefer, turkey or ham, green bean casserole or mac and cheese, Thanksgiving has something for anyone. Though around the world, in other countries, there are some really interesting dishes that are being put on the table. 

In Jamaica, the traditional main dish is Jamaican curried goat. It started as a dish created by Indian, Jamaican, and Chinese immigrants. This dish has been a staple in Jamaican culture for over 100 years. It is made when the meat on the bone of a goat is marinated for 24 hours, then cooked slowly in a curry sauce and served with rice.

A very popular side dish in the Mediterranean area is creamy roasted parsnip puree. It is made from roasted, mashed parsnips, not unlike the traditional American mashed potato dish, but mixed with the flavor of another root vegetable, carrot zest along with chicken stock for smoothness and flavor. 

In England, a staple dish to eat is mincemeat pie. It started in Europe 600 years ago, when European crusaders created dishes made with meat, fruits, and spices. Mincemeat pie is made with roast goose, beef, duck stew, chopped chicken, fruit, and spices of the chef’s choice. 

Leave arguably the most unique option to the Scottish palate: black pudding. This traditional fare is made from a mixture of pig’s blood, pork fat, barley, and oatmeal. Paired with some haggis (minced sheep heart, lungs, and liver blended with onions), and it’s a feast fit for a king in a kilt.

No matter what foods grace your Thanksgiving table over break, Happy Thanksgiving, and Bon Appetit from the staff of The Eagle Dispatch!