Connor Mollohan: Kicking It Into The Night!


Courtesy of Connor Mollohan

Connor Mollohan punting the ball.

Daniella "D.J." Fragile, Social Media Manager/Features Editor

“Connor Mollohan kicking it into the night!” is a phrase that can be heard when #33 kicks a field goal or punt.  

Mollohan is a senior at Woodrow Wilson and the kicker for the WWHS Flying Eagles; he was introduced to football in the eighth grade. 

“The head football coach came up to me and asked if I was interested. I came out to the practice and tried it and I fell in love with it” Mollohan stated. 

Before football, Mollohan played soccer and maintains a passion for both sports, though he feels a different type of passion for football. At this point in his career, Mollohan wants to pursue football more in the future. 

With the playoffs right around the corner, Mollohan has faith that his team will emerge as champions. “This team is really well bonded together, and we play for one thing — to win.” 

Though undecided where he wants to go to after high school, Mollohan hopes to play football in college.

He leaves a piece of advice for all Flying Eagles and future Flying Eagles: “Don’t take high school for granted. I thought I would be here forever… if you buckle down and get your stuff done it will be the best four years of your life.”