Light It Up: Woodrow’s New Stadium Lights


Courtesy of Beckley Football Facebook page Woodrows new stadium ligthts in use

McKenzie Bragg, Writer

Woodrow Wilson High School added a new addition to their football games this year. They added new lights, but not normal stadium lights — these lights flash from one side to the other, on and off, making an iconic light show, giving the audience a whole new experience during flying eagle football games.

“It was time for us to get new lights, because the other ones were becoming worn out from our previous games and events,” said Principal Ryan Stafford. The lights add a fresh look to football games, graduation, and other fun events!

Athletic Director, Mr. Andrew Pinnick partnered with Principal Stafford to come up with the idea for this addition. They went online to a website called Musco and did some research to find out that the lights came with some cool features such as flashes, waves, and pulses. Raleigh County leaders worked it into the recent school levy to help pay for the lights; Woodrow also helped by using available school funds.

This add-on came at a cost of over a quarter million dollars, according to Stafford. He went on to say how the new fixtures will be used for many other things, not just the games. Many people are thrilled about this year’s football season and believe the new lights will just add to the excitement. Alexis Bonds, a Senior at Woodrow Wilson High School, was at the game on Friday, September 16. She says, “the lights were exciting for everyone who attended the game. I think this new edition will make games more fun and I hope we get more things like the lightshow in the future.” With the new lights, Woodrow Wilson High School’s home games will be a blast for many more years to come.