There’s A New Stafford In Town!


Jonah Morgan

New WWHS Principal Ryan Stafford has an agenda of more positivity and community involvement.

Landon Skeens, Writer

    Mr. Ryan Stafford might be new to the role of principal, but he is certainly not new to Woodrow Wilson High School. Originally a graduate of 2009, Stafford’s ambitions were always to come back to his high school as a coach. “Woodrow has always been home. My parents were teachers here, so I was always running around the school,” he said. In 2013, he accomplished these aspirations and rejoined the school as a teacher and graduate from Concord University. Later, he would achieve his masters in leadership and administration to become an Assistant Principal at the school. This new role would not last long, as Mr.Stafford was assigned the duty of principal at Fairdale Elementary in 2021. However, when Mr. Powell (the previous principal of Woodrow Wilson High School) announced his retirement last year, Stafford did not hesitate to take the position.

As Principal of Woodrow, Mr. Stafford has many goals for the school and its students. For example, highlighting the positive attributes students make throughout the school year is one of his overarching goals. “Unfortunately, it’s usually bad or negative things that schools are known for. For every bad thing that happens, there’s one hundred people doing good things,” he shared. Principal Stafford plans to regularly recognize positive student deeds through the school’s Facebook page and announcements. 

  In addition to highlighting the positive accomplishments of students, Stafford also wants to build a relationship between the community and school. Whether it’s a band event or football game, Stafford wishes to encourage members of the community to come and join Woodrow pupils. Undoubtedly, involving the citizens of Raleigh County will make the school more open and familiar. Mr. Stafford’s main concern, however, is making sure his students have a safe place to attend school, and for them to truly transform into young adults. 

Being in education for almost a decade, Stafford has some advice to share.

“Don’t define yourself by the negative things that happen in your life. Storms come and go, you just have to stay steady.”