There’s Nothing “Soft” About It


Noelle Bragg

As any good softball player knows, there is nothing soft about softball.

Noelle Bragg, Writer

“STRIKE THREE! YOU’RE OUT!” yells the umpire from behind home plate. The next batter jogs up to the batter’s box ready to show the opposing team what she’s got. Leading off ball one with a high pitch outside. Then, as time goes by, it’s three balls and one strike. The batter, anxious to get a hit off, takes a risk and swings. “CRACK!”, the wonderful sound when a good pitch impacts with the powerful force of a swing. That is the beauty of a softball game. Something you can’t feel unless you are there playing.

Softball helps show how your actions impact other people, and a lesson such as this goes beyond the softball field. You can take this from the dugout right into the “real world” whenever you grow up and get that first job. Softball has shaped life for athletes. Taught many things about leadership, sportsmanship, and how to work as a team. 

But just like with everything you do, you need a “why”. You need a reason behind the way you act, the things you say, and the things you do, especially the sports you play. As a student-athlete, you often have to remind yourself of why you started playing in the first place. When times get tough, you have to think about the purpose of your playing and why you have a passion for your sport and everything that comes with being an athlete.

“Ever since I was six, my parents put me in the league and I have played for other teams. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with softball. I love playing the game and what keeps me going and not giving up is how supportive my parents are,” said Tori Shrewsbury. Even at an early age, softball changes our life.  “When I was about seven, I found an old bat near the house I lived in at the time. I played alone with that bat and tennis balls for hours. Then, when I was twelve, I finally got to play and it honestly saved me. The love and happiness it gives me is amazing.” said Nevaeh Fox. Sports can make us feel a certain way and give us memories to treasure for the rest of our lives.