The Start of Spring

Kalyn Cowger, Writer

Spring is one of the prettiest seasons of the year

When it finally arrives, everyone begins to cheer

With its beautiful flowers growing in the everyone’s yards

That smell as good as a stack of perfume sample cards

With the weather changing every other day

You will wear your clothes every other way

With the morning filled with the chirping of birds

That are so unique you can’t even put it into words

When there starts to be a nice, warm breeze

But allergies are back, so you try not to sneeze

With pretty flowers beginning to bloom,

You can smell them every time you walk into a room

With the day filled with so much warmth and sun

While on other days there is rain, so you can’t have fun

Driving by sidewalks with kids riding their bikes

While others decide to go on risky hikes

The one season that makes you truly feel alive

Where you can always go on a fun, late night drive

With all of nature coming back to life

But the pollen is so bad you feel like you’re stabbed with a knife

With all the air swarming with butterflies and bees

And the weather is just so nice you finally feel at ease.

Spring is one of the very best seasons

And, as you can see, it has its many reasons.