Doors or Wheels?


Daniella Fragile , Features editor/Podcaster

The simple definition of the word debate is, “oral confrontation between two individuals or a team, or groups who present arguments.” (Courtesy of Britannica)

Have you ever thought about whether there are more doors or more wheels on the planet? 

This question has recently taken the internet by storm. The debate started when a man named Ryan Nixon posed the question on Twitter and got 223,347 responses; as of March 05, 2022 53.6% believed that there are more wheels, while 46.4% believe there are more doors. 

Students at Woodrow Wilson High School took part in this debate, too. Based on an informal poll, there are two times as many students who believe there are more wheels than people who believe there are more doors.  

“From a general standpoint, there are more wheels to doors in almost every room. Cabinet drawers have two wheels to one door. A car has at least four wheels to four doors, but a lot of cars only have two doors. Plus the largest manufacturer of wheels is Lego at 306 million a year,” said Jacob Walker, a senior at Woodrow Wilson High School and the voice of the morning announcements. 

On the other hand, some students still hold onto the idea that there are more doors. 

“Think about city sky rises. There are more doors than wheels in cities because more people walk in cities,” commented Aden Scarbro, a WWHS junior. 

No matter which side of the debate you’re on, there might never be a true answer to the ‘Wheels or Doors’ debate.