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Piper Dangerfield: Marching to Graduation

Piper Dangerfield: Marching to Graduation

Landon Skeens, Editor-In-Chief May 15, 2024

Crossing the finish line one last time, Piper Dangerfield is set to graduate this spring. Known as a humorous and complex individual, Piper will be attending West Virginia University’s Statler College...

Stay true to yourself. High School is a time of discovery, dont let others define you. Remember true confidence starts with self-love.

Ava Swartz: Singing The Final Note

Landon Skeens, Editor-In-Chief April 9, 2024

Miss Ava Swartz is set to graduate this spring. Known for her kind spirit and love of literature, Ava has mixed feelings of graduating. "While I am definitely ready to leave high school, I will miss my...

Remember to have fun, high school events wont last forever.

Caden Torres: Saying Farewell to “Benevolent Merfolk”

Landon Skeens, Editor-In-Chief April 9, 2024

Looking ahead Caden Torres has plans of attending college for General Studies. A kind-hearted individual, Caden will officially become a Woodrow Wilson High School Alumni this spring. During his time at...

Some life lessons don’t ever change. They need to be highlighted and they need to be remembered throughout our entire lives. But how you embrace them will distinguish you from the pack. —Brooke Shields

Tyle Asamoah: Finding New Discoveries

Landon Skeens, Editor March 29, 2024

Woodrow Wilson High School's National Honors Society President, Tyle Asamoah, is set to graduate this spring. Known for her generous nature and kind spirit, Tyle is ready for the next chapter in her life....

Louie Boyd: “Always Remember Kindness.”

Louie Boyd: “Always Remember Kindness.”

Landon Skeens, Editor March 27, 2024

Violet Louie Boyd is closing the chapter of her high school career. A loving and kind individual, Louie’s peers feel a great sense of warmth when around her. Kate Fisher, junior, shares, “I would consider...

Get Involved with as many clubs, organizations, and sports as you can. You will meet some of your best friends through them. That is what made my time as a Flying Eagle so close to my heart.

Mia Houck: “I’ve Been Waiting for This Moment”

Landon Skeens, Editor March 27, 2024

Crossing the stage one final time, Mia Houck graduates from Woodrow Wilson High School this spring. Known for her beautiful voice and acting across the county, Mia is loved by many. During her high school...

Do your homework, and know how to spell and know your multiplication table, Ishmael Fayiah signing out.

Ishmael Fayiah: The Final Laugh

Landon Skeens, Editor March 26, 2024

Ishmael Fayiah is graduating with the class of 2024 this spring. A light-hearted individual, Ishmael feels conflicted about leaving his alma mater, "I am excited for the new adventure that I am going to...

“The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to not waste your time. Though the school year felt slow, the years will go by in a blink of an eye. Therefore, I urge every student to take every opportunity that is offered to them. Make the best of all the time you have, because it doesn’t last forever. Make your high school memories last!”

Rylan Ellison: Crossing the Stage One Final Time

Landon Skeens, Editor March 22, 2024

Known for his enthusiasm and brilliant sense of humor, Rylan Ellison is crossing the stage as a 2024 graduate this spring. Having mixed feelings about closing this chapter of his amazing story, Rylan reflects...

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