Ginny and Georgia: Why You Should Watch It


Victoria DeJarnette, Writer/Assistant Editor

A new season of “Ginny and Georgia” has made its appearance on Netflix. On January 5th, all 10 episodes of season two premiered. The first season was released in 2021 which opened the door to fictional murders and teenage angst. Now that season two has come out, there has been more traction. Although many were not all too excited about watching the new season, there are some good parts to it. There are many flashbacks with Georgia (the mom of Ginny) as a young mom and Zion, Ginny’s father, is also explored more.

The beginning of season two takes a jump from where season one ended. Georgia is now engaged and preparing to marry Paul as her kids left to be with Zion for a while. Everyone seems to have conflicting thoughts about Georgia and her parenting skills. Kaylei Jarvis, a senior at Woodrow Wilson High School, shared her opinion stating that, “Georgia is a good mother for protecting her kids, but she did have some faults when it came to her past.” Not to mention Georgia’s relationship with Paul is not the relationship fans hope for. “I wish Georgia and Joe ended up together. They were definitely hinting at it throughout the show and to find out that Joe knew about it made me so sad,” Kalyn Cowger, WWHS senior, expressed. “Not to mention that the relationship was the reason that Ginny ran away.”

Although Georgia’s parenting skills are constantly questioned along with her past, Ginny has started to see her mother in a different light. She moved in with her father, Zion, who was concerned and wanted to know what was going on. Ginny does express her issues eventually and gets the help she needs being in such a horrible situation.

All in all, the show represents people of color and the struggles of being a teenager while also maintaining a lighthearted tone to it. The need to be perfect in teenage life and succeed is stressful and can change the perspective of how they are viewed. Nicole Asamoah recommends that people watch “Ginny and Georgia” and says it has been “an eye opening show that exposes the reality of the life of a mixed girl living in the suburbs.” Ginny and Georgia is worth the watch, but be ready to binge!