So Long, Shirley!


Aden Scarbro , Writer

Mrs. Linda Shirley is saying, “sayonara” to Woodrow Wilson High School, and to teaching as a whole. I recently had the pleasure to sit down with her and ask a few questions. Mrs. Shirley has been teaching at Woodrow for about 13 years. Her favorite thing about teaching is to “learn new information and pass it on to students to affect their lives positively.” While she is looking forward to retiring and spending time with her husband, she said she will miss it–the activities, students’ excitement and daily changes. She said, “I’m ready to move forward with a new journey in my life.” She wants to spend time with her kids, travel with her husband and take care of her chickens at home. Mrs. Shirley is known for teaching classes such as Parenting Education, Child Development, Baking & Pastry, Culinary Arts, Foods & Nutrition, Social Services, Fundamental Human Service and more! Not only has Mrs. Shirley affected kids’ lives by teaching, she has made memories. Her favorite memory was when her Parenting Ed. students wore pregnancy bellies, and hearing the comments they made and the experiences they shared. I asked her, “What advice she would tell students that are in high school or about to be?” She responded, “Learn all you can, put phones down and actually learn something you can use in life.” Mrs. Shirley has loved working with her students, staff and faculty at Woodrow Wilson High School. From us here at WWHS, we will miss you and we want to wish you an amazing retirement!